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Elite Editing

Art Direction, Brand Development & App Design

Elite Editing and I first partnered to create their brand identity in 2008. The work quickly rolled into a full web design project and an ongoing role as Art Director for their developing brand and application. In the years since, we’ve rearchitected the product user experience for ease of use and conversion. We continually work to strengthen Elite Editing’s marketing outreach through email, online advertising and compelling whitepaper content.


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Product Innovation and Marketing Outreach

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GoShadow helps care providers and healthcare organizations to improve care experiences by viewing care through the eyes of the patient and family. We were responsible for transforming the analog pen and paper method into a full-featured, cloud-based application and iPad Field App. We also provided product strategy and brand development services for the new product and brand.

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800 Words

The Transmigration of Philip K. Dick Poster

This play poster was a true pleasure. Written by Victoria Stewart, the play is based on the life of Science Fiction writer Philip K. Dick. It is the story of a conflicted man, desperately seeking truth in the fictional worlds he created. The artwork articulates Dick’s fractured, lucid mind and distinctive body of work.

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Birchtree Photography Identity
Custom typography and illustration

  • Completed Website
  • Website Specification
  • Image Development Process
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign
  • Email Campaign Strategy
  • Experience LPD Brochure
  • Product Rendering
  • Product Rendering
  • Image Creation
  • Image Creation
  • Product Rendering
  • Retail Environment Rendering


Art Direction, Brand Management & Marketing Development

Prysm is a large format display technology startup out of Silicon Valley. While engaged with Prysm, I supplied ongoing branding, project management and led the design production of all sales and marketing collateral—on and offline. I art directed 3D product rendering of all individual product shots and in-use scenarios. With few product installs, successful rendering was crucial in marketing their technology. The largest undertaking was Prysm’s marketing website. Our team designed, architected, and managed the site’s development end to end. After the launch, I continued to lead the ongoing updates and improvements. 

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The Beauty Shoppe

Brand & Website Development

The Beauty Shoppe is a co-working space in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood. We established their brand identity and developed the original marketing site for the now thriving concept. To incorporate the history of the former bustling community, I pulled in vintage photography and mid-century elements. The juxtaposition with today’s environment and purpose lends itself to the idea of progress and achievement.

  • Digital Security
  • Pittsburgh's East End Event
  • Accessible Interior Design
  • 3D Visualization
  • Concrete Countertops
  • Web Photo Portal
  • Pittsburgh Furniture

Typographic Wordmarks
A selection of typographic marks created during the years 2007 to 2013.

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Vinya Identity

Full Brand and Product Launch

Vinya, now Vineya, is a web-based technology that changes the way interpreters are located, managed and hired. The company name is a tribute to the sign language community that once existed on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Everyone on this island—including the deaf and hearing—could communicate through sign language. With this history in mind, the identity combined the concept of communication with the name’s nautical origin. This resulted in the name being translated into the symbols of the maritime signal flags. The bold symbolism of the branding gives the it a layer of interest while paying respect to the company’s mission.

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Developed the visual identity for new consumer product. Icon.me helps users design and broadcast their very best first impression.

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Strategic Positioning and Ground Up Rebrand

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To differentiate in a crowded market, Shopatron needed a ground-up rebrand. During our engagement, we delivered an updated identity, smarter messaging, simplified sales collateral, a comprehensive new marketing website, custom iconography and photography, trade show booths and materials, and updated email campaign structures. Based on some preliminary messaging, I led our team and developed the concept of unity portrayed as a flag. It symbolized Shopatron’s eCommmerce order management solution, which allows channels to work together—instead of in conflict—to put products in the hands of online shoppers.

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Rename, Rebrand, Relaunch

Directworks, formally Co-Exprise, helps manufacturers save time and money by simplifying the way they source and manage direct materials. In early 2012, we relaunched their brand in a swift 60 day cycle. The relaunch included a focused messaging stack, comprehensive identity materials, and an extendable advertising structure.


Lawrenceville in Revival

Lawrenceville is one of Pittsburgh’s largest and oldest neighborhoods, and it is prospering in revival. The Lawrenceville Corporation has been a major contributing factor of this revitalization. Since 2009, I have partnered with their organization to produce materials to support their now thriving business district, on-going real estate development and rehabilitation and community events.

  • Spinning Egg
  • Directionally East
  • Symbolic Achievement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Double "E" Shield
  • Integrated Gauge & Initial
  • Cloud Metrics
  • Book Seller
  • Happy Car
  • Metrics
  • Photography Identity
  • Power
  • Communication Exchange

Logo Marks
A selection of logo marks created during the years 2005 to 2013.

  • Lovelife_Brand_packaging
  • Lovelife_Brand_identity1
  • Lovelife_Brand_icons2

LoveLife Branding

Personalized Nutrition

LoveLife is a technology-enabled wellness program, developed to help people identify the connections between foods and health irregularities in sleep, digestion, energy, etc. Unlike competing programs, LoveLife is highly personalized. Nutritionists take part in each user’s journey of adjusting and readjusting to find their personal “Food Fit.” This unique characteristic led me to the concept of symbolic elements and the variability of those elements for each user. Accompanied by a bold and energetic palette this brand alternative positioned the program as a compelling outlier in a highly saturated market.