I am the Co-Founder of Roket™, a application-design and brand-development firm based in Pittsburgh. We partner with early-stage businesses to launch smart products, desirable brands, and memorable experiences.

Over the past 10 years, I have honed my ability to create influential brands. I have worked with bootstrapped startups, with venture-backed technology companies and with retail giants. For each of these groups I crafted compelling brand stories through images as well as words. I have been successful as the leader or as part of the team, in any medium and to any audience.

Design is everything. I have taken the power of design beyond type and color and into the boardroom as a compelling tool of clarity and persuasion. With an eye for quality and an instinct validated by a decade of experience, I have led teams in producing their very best work.

Curiosity driven ability. My diverse professional experience has shaped my proficiency and the range of work in brand development and application design. I have formed complex information architectures into simple and intuitive product experiences. I have simplified disjointed marketing content into clear, actionable brand messaging. And I have guided teams to take faceless companies and to turn them into market leading brands.

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